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The Unies Production has succesfully illustrated a pattern of identify a corporate brand with many different companies

and has influenced the company's personality and identity. It is our experience that allows us to methodically research each company and create a increasing brand awareness. There are many different aspects to branding including finding an identity, logo, image, personality then distributing this brand into many different relevant forms.

  • One of our more succesful ideas in branding was in working with Island Queen Cruises. They wanted to create a tshirt line that represented their company. We did some research online and found some old brochures of their company from the 1950s and 1960s. We recreated their logo during this period and turned that into a vintage tshirt line. This enabled them to sell new tshirt designs along with a vintage line thus doubling their product line instantly. This is a perfect example of The Unies Production identiftyling the marketing need, creating the idea then measuring the results.

  • The Unies Production also creates new and original ideas for their own collection. Here we identified a need in the marketing place to market to children by the use of creating an interactive coloring book with word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, unscramble words, connect-the-dots and much more. This coloring book service multiple purposes.

New standards

The Miami Lady logo design to

resemble a corporate logo of their parent company Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters. This simple logo helped the company stand out in the market place.

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logo redraw

Historic Homes of America

This cwebsite ompany was looking for a new website to represent their company and organization's identity. We created a logo that incorporated the colors of the American flag while making a silhouette of a home in the middle. The client appreciated the details we used during our discovery phase.