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The Unies Production has been involved with web development since the late 1990s, the early stages of the industry.

Our continued involvement in web development and creating websites for businesses has evolved along with the industry’s standards and techniques over the years.

Today, we actively create websites for businesses of all types and specialize in helping create a website that solves problems, make job tasks easier and automate business workflows. No website is too hard for us to develop or too simple to develop. The Unies Production will create a website for your company’s specific needs.

Our expertise lies in the several areas of web development including web design, web development, Ecommerce integration, blog, content management systems, and SEO. More technically speaking we work with client side coding – Ajax, Falsh, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3; server side coding – ASP, CGI, Perl, Java, PHP, .Net; and database technology – Apache Derby, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle.

Although, web development can be difficult and finding the right company to hire can be confusing, The Unies Production will certainly be the right decision.

New standards

The Miami Lady logo design to

resemble a corporate logo of their parent company Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters. This simple logo helped the company stand out in the market place.

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logo redraw

Historic Homes of America

This cwebsite ompany was looking for a new website to represent their company and organization's identity. We created a logo that incorporated the colors of the American flag while making a silhouette of a home in the middle. The client appreciated the details we used during our discovery phase.