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Every business can use a boost in their digital and content marketing efforts by hiring a trusted professional.

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Search Engine Optimization

My success with SEO is built upon my attendance to many SEO Conferences around the country.

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Content Marketing

In today's sleu of social media options, it's important to create engaging content that increases brand awareness for each platform.

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Digital Marketing Payment

Website Development

Build a basic website for your business. 

$999 / flat rate

Video Production

This package includes one video vlog of your business.

$599 / per video

Monthly Retainer

This includes any web or digital marketing work for 1 month.

$499 / one month

Rate Sheet

Job/Skill Cost
Developer $65 per hour
Update Wix/Wordpress $25 per hour
Php Programmer $30 per hou
Google Adwords $30 per hour
Google Analytics $25 per hour
Graphic Design $22 per hour
Building Wraps $25 per hour
Photographer $20 per hour
360 Degree Photos $25 per hour
B-roll $27 per hour
Editor $48 per hour
Vlogs $1000 flat rate
G30 second commercials $250 flat rate
Social Media Marketing $23 per hour
Twitter Bot $500 flat rate
Visual Data Analyst $43 per hour
Software Engineer $52 per hour
Email Marketing $31 per hour
Drone $50 per hour
SEO Director $42 per hour
Public Realtions Specialists $27 per hour
Digital Sign Marketing $31 per hour

My Professional Skills

Graphic Design

I have over 20 years of graphic design skills that can help produce many difference collateral material for your business.

Print Production

My experience of working at a printig company helps in know the pre-production process to help save your company many in printing many different things.

Video Editing

My extensive knowledge of editing skills necessary to create engaging videos across many different platforms is extremely valuable.


Havig the right equipment for a variety of videos is necessary when creating a sleu of content for your business.

Search Enginge Optimization

Every business needs to be found in Google Search and my extensive knowledge is helpful for nearly every business in the world.


My programming skills depends on Php and is widely used in Wordpress, one of the most popular open source platforms in the world.


It is extremely hard to grow your Youtube channel and having experience on this platform is very helpful in video marketing for your business.


Creating, editing and sharing photos & videos is very important in utilizing Instagram as your communication platform to your customer base.


Automating the process of sharing photos of your business on Twitter is helpful in creating conversations about your business.

Youtube Marketing

In order to grow your youtube channel, it takes a huge amount of effort while also requiring many different skill sets to create engaging content.

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Even though most businesses do some form of marketing on their own, it's nice to have an infusion of new ideas and content. Especially, new links from outside sources.